8 Steps to Planning an Unforgettable Family Reunion Getaway

1. Time: Allow 6 months to 1 year to plan. This allows families to have more choices and lower prices in advance.

2. Leader: Nominate a family group leader as the point of contact. Who’s good at staying organized?

3. Survey: Take a poll from the family on a date, location and budget to gain ideas on where to start researching for the reunion. Narrow down the feedback to 2-3 options so that the family group leader is not overwhelmed.

4. Destination: Choose a location based on factors such as age range, activities, budget and group interest. The location may depend on where everyone is traveling from.

5. Accomodations: Determine how much privacy is needed to determine if a hotel or resort is feasible or if its preferred that the family rent a home or condo. Its also important to consider any special needs. Are hotel amenities a big factor? Or do family members want a rental home to cook?

6. Track: The family group leader should keep a detailed list of payments and deadlines. This will help to keep everyone on track.

7. Activities: Find a balance of organized activities and down time for family members to go shopping, take a nap, hit the gym, etc. While the family reunion is to unit loved ones there should always be some down time for everyone.

8. When in doubt on planning a family reunion getaway contact an expert for assistance….

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